pynie / ChangeLog

2009-08-02  Bradley M. Kuhn  <>

	* Grammar/ Added full keyword list from Python 3.1

	* Lib/test/parrot/ Added lambda inside lambda test.

	* CREDIT: Added Pynie contributors from Parrot sources.

	* LICENSE: Added file from Parrot sources.

	* src/builtins/helper.pir: Created file.
	(is_type_sub): Wrote sub.

	* (BUILTINS_PIR): Added helper.pir to list.

	* (return_expression_list): Added rule.

	* Actions.nqp (return_expression_list): Wrote method.
	(do_newclosure_if_sub): Wrote sub.
	(return_stmt): use return_expression_list instead of

2009-08-01  Bradley M. Kuhn  <>

	* Actions.nqp (lambda_form): generate newclosure 'pirop' for
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