Peter Hosey committed 900c739

This should be an NSInteger, not an NSTimeInterval. Thanks to Rudy Richter for bringing this to my attention.

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 								if (negative) tz_minute = -tz_minute;
-							NSTimeInterval timeZoneOffset = (tz_hour * 3600) + (tz_minute * 60);
-							NSNumber *offsetNum = [NSNumber numberWithDouble:timeZoneOffset];
+							NSInteger timeZoneOffset = (tz_hour * 3600) + (tz_minute * 60);
+							NSNumber *offsetNum = [NSNumber numberWithInteger:timeZoneOffset];
 							timeZone = [timeZonesByOffset objectForKey:offsetNum];
 							if (!timeZone) {
 								timeZone = [NSTimeZone timeZoneForSecondsFromGMT:timeZoneOffset];
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