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Almar Klein

Almar Klein pushed 1 commit to almarklein/imageio

fb35812 - Changed the __repr__ of the Image class. It now explicitly says it is a numpy array and also mentions the dtype.
Almar Klein

Almar Klein pushed 2 commits to almarklein/imageio

77fad29 - Some workarounds to make imageio work on Pypy (with some limitations, but these will get resolved as numpypy gets better.
2f11b85 - test script compatible with Python 2.x.
Almar Klein

Almar Klein pushed 5 commits to almarklein/imageio

24c6993 - Improved test script. imageio can now read the full test suite of freeimage. There are some images that fail, but in these cases it is ...
cf31627 - Fix to close method of base reader/writer.
a5decb1 - Also read 16 bpp images (just convert anything that we dont understand to RGBA).
8686650 - freeiimage: convert paletted images to RGBA. This also works for 4 bpp images. Much simpler than previous approach.
f3021a8 - Read 4bpp images. Also better handling of meta tags that cannot be made Unicode.
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