This library provides functionality to perform segmentation of a stent graft from 3D CT data.

This package contains code from multiple algorithms to segment the stent grafts. These represent the different attempt that I did during my PhD. The only algorithmm that is exposed is the 3-step stent-direct algorithm.

This library is written for Python 3, and probably also works for Python 2. It is written in pure Python, so installation is easy.

If you publish research in which this software is used, we would appreciate it if you refer to our paper:

Klein, Almar and van der Vliet, J.A. and Oostveen, L.J. and Hoogeveen, 
Y. and Schultze Kool, L.J. and Renema, W.K.J. and Slump, C.H. (2012) 
Automatic segmentation of the wire frame of stent grafts from CT data. 
Medical Image Analysis, 16 (1). pp. 127-139. ISSN 1361-8415


You can place this directory on your PYTHONPATH, copy the one directory below (so it is on your PYTHONPATH as well), and then rename it to

Alternatively you can run python install.


Copyright (c) 2014, Almar Klein

Distributed under the (new) BSD License. See LICENSE.txt for more info.