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Originally reported on Google Code with ID 2 ``` The SQLiteConnection class has a private open0 method that takes a flags parameter. These flags are passed to sqlite3_open_v2. But there is no public method to open a database providing some flags, like the thread-mode ones.

Can you add this method please?


Reported by `` on 2010-07-21 13:02:24

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  1. Igor Sereda

    Reported by `sereda` on 2010-07-21 16:41:41 - Labels added: Type-Enhancement - Labels removed: Type-Defect

  2. Igor Sereda

    ``` Added openV2() method ```

    Reported by `sereda` on 2010-07-27 09:21:08 - Status changed: `Fixed`

  3. Igor Sereda

    Reported by `sereda` on 2010-07-27 11:27:42 - Status changed: `Delivered` - Labels added: FixVersion-179

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