Cannot able to retrieve all rows when stored in RAM

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Originally reported on Google Code with ID 21 ``` When i execute the program written in scala to retrieve all rows but it display the latest one inserted.

Can anybody help me how to rectify this.Or i want to do any changes?

while(1) { fetch a row's status retval = sqlite3_step(stmt);

if(retval == SQLITE_ROW) { SQLITE_ROW means fetched a row

sqlite3_column_text returns a const void* , typecast it to const char* for(col=0 ; col<cols;col++) { const char *val = (const char*)sqlite3_column_text(stmt,col); printf("%s = %s\t",sqlite3_column_name(stmt,col),val); } printf("\n"); } else if(retval == SQLITE_DONE) { All rows finished printf("All rows fetched\n"); break; } else { Some error encountered printf("Some error encountered\n"); return -1; } } ```

Reported by `durgadevidct` on 2010-09-22 13:28:27

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  1. Igor Sereda

    ``` Sorry, I can't understand your question, why did you file it as a Defect, and how it is relevant to sqlite4java at all. ```

    Reported by `sereda` on 2010-09-22 13:52:27 - Status changed: `Invalid` - Labels added: Type-Other - Labels removed: Type-Defect

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