Couldn't load sqlite4java-android-armv6l

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Miquel Martín created an issue

Originally reported on Google Code with ID 46 ``` I have an android 2.1 app and a separate JRE 1.6 jar library with core methods of the app, compatible with other java apps. The core uses sqlite4java.

When I use the core jar with a JRE 1.7 java app, sqlite4java works fine, loading sqlite4java-win32-x86.dll on W7 environment.

When I try it with an Android app, it complains of "Couldn't load sqlite4java-android-armv6l". If I look at the libraries that sqlite4java comes with, there is but not any one reffering to armv6l.

Am I doing something wrong? ```

Reported by `miqmago` on 2012-05-31 18:13:50

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  1. Igor Sereda

    ``` You don't do anything wrong, it looks like your Android device is armv6l platform, while sqlite4java has a binary for armv7 platform.

    Perhaps there's a chance armv7 or armv5te would load on your device - try renaming to (armv5 binary is available as a separate download from the project home page)

    Hope this helps! If not, the binary should be built for your platform specifically.

    Igor ```

    Reported by `sereda` on 2012-06-05 05:19:47 - Labels added: Type-Other - Labels removed: Type-Defect

  2. Miquel Martín reporter

    ``` Thanks for the answer. At the moment I changed to sqldroid. Like that I hope to be platform independent.

    Btw, if it is for someone interesting, I have been testing with java 7 and sql4java has been working fine.

    Miguel ```

    Reported by `miqmago` on 2012-06-05 06:11:00

  3. Igor Sereda

    ``` Miguel, thanks for the update! ```

    Reported by `sereda` on 2012-06-05 06:24:02 - Status changed: `Done`

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