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Originally reported on Google Code with ID 47 ``` Hi, I think support of the Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J)[1] would be really cool since it helps you to integrate sqlite4java in existing projects. If I saw it right there would only a few changes in have to be made, correct?

Is there interest in it or any reasons against it?

Thanks for opinions!

[1] ```

Reported by `ErikErnst` on 2012-06-20 19:45:43

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  1. Igor Sereda

    ``` Hi Erik,

    the only reason against it is that this will introduce a dependency on an additional library that is not quite required.

    Isn't there a bridge that would add a java.util.logging.Handler and route the logging messages to SLF4J? If there's none, one could write it easily and integrate sqlite4java with slf4j-enabled projects.

    Let me know if that makes sense to you. Igor ```

    Reported by `sereda` on 2012-06-20 20:26:50 - Labels added: Type-Enhancement - Labels removed: Type-Defect

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    ``` Hi Igor, reducing dependency is a good point of course.

    By time I'll take a closer look on it and see if what's the best way to integrate SLF4J with the least needed overhead. I'll inform you about any results.

    Thanks so far for response. Erik ```

    Reported by `ErikErnst` on 2012-06-21 08:26:45

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