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I want the option to run SQLite using memory mode with shared cache enabled.  This feature
is not available until SQLite 3.7.13. The latest sqlite4java-282 build is compiled
against SQLite 3.7.10. Do we have any plan to step up to SQLite 3.7.13 or later?  If
we are, would be great if I could get an estimate of when that would be available.

P.S. Sorry if this is not the correct mean to raise the question

Reported by mariephamfl on 2013-02-26 16:52:12

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  1. Igor Sereda
    No problem, good question. Yes I plan to work on the new version, upgrade SQLite, and
    address a number of open issues. But I cannot promise any dates whatsoever as there's
    other work as well. 
    You can try checking out sources and building with sqlite 3.7.13 on your own. If you
    do, please share the results.

    Reported by sereda on 2013-02-27 10:16:38 - Status changed: Done - Labels added: Type-Other - Labels removed: Type-Defect

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