Disk I/O error - error 3850

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Disk SQL error 3850 Disk I/O error on any read or write to a Network Drive.

The application, libsqlite4java-osx-10.4.jnilib and sqlite data are on the remote Network
Mac 10.9: Connect via SMB to the network drive
Run the program any read gets the error.

I think its in the way libsqlite4java-osx-10.4.jnilib handles disk writing.

Reported by sthomas@torcula.com on 2014-05-30 22:27:24

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  1. Former user Account Deleted
    Thanks for posting info on this. I managed to reproduce this problem. However, I don't
    think it is specific to sqlite4java wrapper.
    Is your SMB drive hosted by Windows? There are multiple indications on the Internet
    that it doesn't work. Regardless of the host operating system, using a network file
    system for hosting Sqlite database is not a good idea:
    We will soon upgrade sqlite4java with the latest binaries of SQLite, maybe this error
    will be gone; but the problems with such configuration are expected to continue.
    Kind regards,

    Reported by sereda@almworks.com on 2014-06-15 09:35:29 - Status changed: WontFix

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