Android 6.0 support

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Sebastian Single created an issue

Hi, we can't compile our app with targetSDK 23, results in this error: has text relocations

Any ideas?


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  1. Igor Sereda

    Hi Sebastian,

    Probably needs recompile for the latest SDK. We'll try to schedule that but I'm not sure when we have developer time for it, sorry.


  2. Bijan Sadeghi

    Hi Igor,

    Any updates on this? We are willing to recompile this but need a bit help to understand the steps. The build instruction seems to be for other operating system and not covering the android NDK compilation..


  3. Igor Sereda

    Hi Bijan,

    Sorry, no updates yet. I can try to help you recompile. The build should be similar, try doing gant android -- it requires NDK_HOME variable. This step is described last in build.gant.

    Please let me know if this helps and if you manage to run it.

    Thanks Igor

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