CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE prepare statement syntax error on "IF NOT EXISTS"

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Luke Chi created an issue

on Android with implementation 'com.almworks.sqlite4java:sqlite4java:1.0.392'

I tested today with breakpoint and confirmed that it's "IF NOT EXISTS" statement not recognized by _SQLiteManualJNI.sqlite3_prepare_v2() in sqlite4java.....

Caused by: com.almworks.sqlite4java.SQLiteException: [1] DB[1] prepare() CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE IF NOT EXISTS parking_lot USING FTS4(id TEXT, area TEXT, name TEXT) [near "NOT": syntax error]'

I'm using Room.inMemoryDatabaseBuilder(appContext, AppDatabase.class)

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  1. Sebastiano Gottardo

    Having the same issue when using Robolectric 4.1 to run Android tests. Although Robolectric still uses a very old version of sqlite4java, I overrode the dependency and forced use of the latest 1.0.302 version, but I have the same result as @lukechi1219.

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