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sqlite4java / BuildingFromSource

Building from Source

Install Required SDKs and Libraries

You will need:

  • JDK 1.5+
    • In order to run tests, JRE matching target platform is needed; that is, to build and test sqlite4java for Windows x86 and x64, you'll need x86 and x64 versions of the JRE. It's possible to skip tests.
    • Install system package, or
    • Download Java SE
  • Apache Ant version 1.7.0 or later.
    • Install system package, or
    • Download from Apache website
    • Make sure you have ANT_HOME environment variable set to the Ant installation directory
    • If tests fail to start, try putting junit.jar from lib/ folder in the source tree into the ANT_HOME/lib folder.
  • Gant version 1.6.1 or later (with Groovy 1.6.0 or later)
    • Install system packages, or
    • Get older (but known to work) version here: Groovy and Gant, or
    • Get newer versions from Codehaus: Groovy and Gant.
    • Make sure you have GROOVY_HOME and GANT_HOME environment variables set to the installation directories of Groovy and Gant, respectively.
  • SWIG 1.3.32 or later
    • Install system packages, or
    • Download from SWIG website (Windows users should download swigwin)
  • On Windows: Windows SDK with VC compiler
  • On Linux and Mac OS X: GCC (optionally, with multi-platform support)
    • Install system packages (including gcc-multilib if you're building for a different platform)

Check Out Sources

Get sources with svn checkout sqlite4java

The source tree contains the following directories:

  • ant - build scripts and related files;
  • idea - IntelliJ IDEA project files;
  • java - Java sources;
  • lib - libraries used during build;
  • native - additional C code for the wrapper;
  • sqlite - SQLite source files (amalgamation);
  • swig - source files for SWIG, with the pre-generated sources;
  • test - Java test sources.

Run Build Script

Build script is ant/build.gant. You should run gant in the ant/ subdirectory with at least one target and passing the required and maybe optional properties. Use target all if in doubt.

Target Effect
dist Builds distributable files in build/dist directory
all Builds and tests the library, compiles build/distzip/, the distributable file for your operating system
test Runs tests
clean Clears build/ directory
debug Tells script to build native libraries in DEBUG configuration only
release Tells script to build native libraries in RELEASE configuration only

Properties are passed with -Dname=value parameter.

Property When Required? Value means
jdk.home Always Home path of the JDK used to compile the Java code
swig.home If on Windows, or if swig is not on the $PATH Home path of the SWIG code generator
wsdk.home On Windows Home path of the Windows SDK. There should be a file bin\SetEnv.Cmd in that directory that sets up the environment for VC build.
platforms Never Used to override the default list of platforms built under the current operating systems. See default values in ant/
jre.win32-x86 On Windows, if building with tests for x86 platform JRE or JDK home path with the x86 Java
jre.win32-x64 On Windows, if building with tests for x64 platform JRE or JDK home path with the x64 Java
jre.linux-i386 On Linux, if building with tests for i386 platform JRE or JDK home path with the i386 Java
jre.linux-amd64 On Linux, if building with tests for amd64 platform JRE or JDK home path with the amd64 Java
jre.osx On Mac OS X, if building with tests JRE or JDK home path

Sample Build Commands

On Windows:

gant -Djdk.home=C:\Dev\jdk16u17 -Dswig.home=C:\Dev\swigwin-1.3.32 -Dwsdk.home=C:\Dev\wsdk60 -Djre.win32-x86=C:\Dev\jdk16u17\jre -Djre.win32-x64=C:\Dev\jdk16u17x64\jre release all

On Linux:

gant -Djdk.home=/opt/jdk -Djre.linux-i386=/opt/jdk/jre release all

For Android

gant -Dndk.home=<ndk_home_dir> -Dsdk.home=<android_sdk_home_dir> android