This repository contains code for a very simple IGB App that reads and summarizes information about a TwoBit sequence file.

Adds a new menu item to the Tools menu.

Main goals of this App:

  • Show how to embed non-OSGI JARs in an IGB App.
  • Show how to open, read, and summarize data in a 2bit sequence file.

How do I get set up?

  • Clone the project.
  • Open the project in NetBeans.
  • Build it (using Maven).
  • Start IGB (version 9 or higher, less than 10).
  • Within IGB, use the App Manager (Tools menu) to add project target directory as a new App Repository.
  • Note the App appears in the App Manager. Use the App Manager to install it. Installing the App adds a new menu item to the Tools menu in IGB.
  • Go back to IGB. Select Tools > Summarize TwoBit File to run the App.

Questions or Comments?


  • Ann Loraine - or
  • Deepti Joshi -