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TotalQuickFilter for Thunderbird

TotalQuickFilter adds enhanced search functionality in addition to turning the stock quick filter bar into a full toolbar.


Thunderbird 60 - TotalQuickFilter v4.1

Thunderbird 68 - TotalQuickFilter v5.3

Thunderbird 78 - TotalQuickFilter v6.2

Features include:

  • Cross filter AND searches.

  • Textfilter OR and NOT term searches: use a pipe | for OR and a hyphen - preceding a term for NOT.

  • Multiple textfilter selection with AND or OR searches: secondary selected textfilters are preceded by a toggleable + or | button.

  • Inverted filtering: right click a Filter button to invert (find all NOT Starred, eg).

  • Additional textfilter buttons: adds searches for To, Cc, and All Addresses (From, To, Cc, or Bcc).

  • Highlighter: finds all Body terms in the message and can be used to find-in-page (both messages and feed web pages) when no textfilters are active.

  • Toolbar customization: all buttons and bars are fully moveable/removeable; any other button or item may be added to the QuickFilter Toolbar via the Customize... dialog.

  • Keyboard support: all buttons and elements contain tabstops, and toggling is performed by <enter>; use ctrl-enter to invert or negate tag/term buttons (like a right click).

  • Full width: the toolbar is usable with the Vertical layout (and Stacked, available in the MoreLayouts extension).

  • Bug fixes: over 30 Thunderbird bugs fixed or made obsolete; see below.

  • Info Button: contains a guide with more details; please read the guide.

  • Settings are found in: Add-ons Manager Options|Preferences.

    New in 3.0:

  • Quickly filter by Sender or Recipients or Subject: select a message and use the QuickFilter Button menulist.

  • Quickly filter by email: select a message and use the context button for an email in the headers.

  • Quickly filter by selected text: select a message and select some text (in headers or the message body). Use the context menu, or shift-A (add selected text to the filter textbox) or shift-R (replace textbox with selected text); the current filter criteria will be used.

  • Keyinput start search delay: configure it!

  • Toggle QuickFilterBar: ctrl-shift-K is now a toggle.

    New in 6.0:

  • The QuickFilterBar toolbar now has a more responsive design behavior when sizing for narrow screens and adds an expand button for multiline display of the toolbar.

  • For email based textfilter searches, the DisplayName value (and easter egg NickName for advanced users) are included in a search if the email is in the Address Book. The preference Show only Display Name for people in my address book must be checked to enable this search capability.

NOTE: The core search function has known bugs and can return false positives. A message may match the search but there will be nothing visible to highlight. Verify this by viewing the source (Ctrl-U); the word may be there. If not, a second type of error selects a message if a match is found in the following message's header.

Comments, Questions, and Bugs:

TotalQuickFilter forum or TotalQuickFilter issues.

Bug fixes in TotalQuickFilter v2.0

  • Bug 63573 - have a google-like "search engine like" interface for searching mail news
  • Bug 240454 - Add AND / OR searching to quick search
  • Bug 349085 - Can't search on negative terms in Thunderbird's Quick Filter box with NOT or minus
  • Bug 381258 - Quick Search: "Message Body filter" fails for Newsgroups. Body search should be disabled if not offline.
  • Bug 550832 - Add "Filter for messages involving <contact>" command to email address context menu (message header pane)
  • Bug 561328 - "Searching..." from status bar doesn't disappear after search (quick filter bar) is completed on a virtual folder (saved search folder)
  • Bug 570313 - With tags quickfilter on, removing a word filter sometimes makes the secondary filter bar disappear in spite of "tags" matches
  • Bug 573325 - After using quickfilterbar, status bar wrongly shows "Searching..." forever (should show "X matches found" or "No matches found" instead)
  • Bug 573496 - secondary quickfilter modification bar: Implement tab stop and/or keyboard accelerators for filter buttons (sender, recipients, subject, body currently inaccessible)
  • Bug 575313 - Labels on QuickFilter buttons should be togglable
  • Bug 575355 - Quickfilter toolbar buttons/items should be movable to other toolbars (e.g. main toolbar) via Customize...
  • Bug 585669 - stretch quickfind bar over message list and preview in vertical view
  • Bug 586131 - Quickfilter bar has lost OR functionality using | (Pipe character)
  • Bug 587476 - Allow Quick Filter Bar Customization as a Toolbar
  • Bug 592248 - Quick Filter Bar is too wide, when in Vertical View --> Search Text Field is very small
  • Bug 612800 - Not all tags displayed when switch between unread and not on quick filter bar (tag bar doesn't refresh on condition changes)
  • Bug 616933 - [Quick Filter bar] Toggle quick bar hide text (layout change from text + icons to only icons)
  • Bug 635622 - Quick Filter bar capability to select on ONLY the one chosen criteria (Shift+Click?)
  • Bug 672074 - cancel button in the quicksearch bar textbox disappeared
  • Bug 683809 - Quick Filter: untagged messages
  • Bug 744365 - Quickfilter: inverse selection (thus inverse filter)
  • Bug 765637 - Selecting multiple tags in quickfilter/view-button-menu should allow AND-operation [[port/modify from Tb23]]
  • Bug 784097 - after deleting session.json, previously hidden quickfilterbar is shown, but according to menu state (View > toolbars > qfb) it is not shown (unchecked)
  • Bug 788084 - Quickfilter: "Filter messages by" selectors should be available before filtering (Sender, Recipients, Subject, Body)

Bug fixes in TotalQuickFilter v3.0

  • Bug 319540 - Quicksearch from mail (without typing)
  • Bug 345366 - After using quicksearch filter (e.g. message body), status bar doesn't display "X matches found" any more (number of search results) *matches always shown by textbox
  • Bug 359684 - Highlight search phrase in "Message body filter" search results
  • Bug 570339 - Quickfilterbar: when adding body filter after no matches, no-matches-tooltip stays though there are new matches (and "Continue this search across all folders" behaviour, too)
  • Bug 587478 - More intuitive way to close the Quick Filter Toolbar
  • Bug 638845 - Message Reader: Implement right-click context menu "(TB-)Quickfilter for [selected text]" (for selected text in message reader or header)
  • Bug 714340 - hide the words "quick filter" from the quick filter bar when in icon mode
  • Bug 944942 - Quick Filter Bar search delay should be longer or configurable (premature search on unfinished word takes long in big folders)

Bug fixes in TotalQuickFilter v6.0

  • Bug 460737 - Quickfilter ignores searches for friendly display names from address book contacts...

Bonus core fix to always persist user set QuickFilterBar state

  • Bug 894793 - Many open message tabs are gone after a crash or restart of Thunderbird