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hg outgoing now works with --completed-tasks when there are no incomplete tasks.
refs #17

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 def tasksoutgoing(orig, ui, repo, dest=None, **opts):
+    if opts.get('rev') and (opts.get('all_tasks') or
+            opts.get('completed_tasks')):
+        raise util.Abort(_("cannot specify revs with --all-tasks or"
+                        " --completed-tasks"))
+    if opts.get('all_tasks') and opts.get('completed_tasks'):
+        raise util.Abort(_("cannot specify both --all-tasks and"
+                        " --completed-tasks"))
     if opts.get('all_tasks') or not hasincompletetask(repo):
         return orig(ui, repo, dest, **opts)
     completenodes = stripincomplete(repo, outnodes)
     if opts.get('completed_tasks') or completenodes == outnodes:
-        opts['rev'] = completenodes
+        opts['rev'] = completenodes and completenodes or [repo.lookup('null')]
         return orig(ui, repo, dest, **opts)
         res = orig(ui, repo, dest, **opts)