alu  committed 5f8b880

removed --clean from update when updating to a task
this was a nice idea, but really we don't want this, what we want is --cross, which is not yet in mercurial. when updating to a task, we don't care about crossing branches, only losing changes, so the --cross option would be perfect for this

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File hgext/

     # store all untracked files that are also in stash
     storeuntracked(repo, untrackedinstash)
-    # if on task we stash and force --clean so update will not complain
     if ontask:
-        opts['clean'] = True
+        # we are waiting for the --cross option to be introduced into hg, we
+        # would add it to the update command as updating as tasks are often on
+        # different branches
         if stash(ui, repo, currenttask):
+            # cleanup is safe as we have stashed all changes
     # perform actual update