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push task by name

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hi, this extension is great. thanks for making it available.

i'm wondering if you could see any utility in being able to tell push to only send specific tasks by name, i.e.:

{{{ hg task first-task hg task second-task hg task third-task

...[working back and forth on first-task and second-task]

hg task first-task -c hg task second-task -c

hg push first-task }}}

the idea being that even though both first-task and second-task are marked as complete, there might be reasons that i only want to push first-task now and wait for some event before pushing second-task.

of course i could just leave second-task incomplete and push --completed-tasks, but if second-task is really done... it might be nice to mark it as such before wandering away to other things so i don't think i need to work on it anymore when i get back.

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  1. pjv reporter

    i discovered that you can sorta already do this like so (with completed tasks):

    hg push -r taskname

    makes sense of course, since tasks are essentially bookmarks which are essentially tags and the -r option on push lets you push a specific revision and its ancestors.

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