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Issue #26 new

hg rollback fails when tasks has been loaded

Stanimir Stamenkov
created an issue

This appears with latest "unstable" (pre-1.6) versions. I'm using:




{{{ hg --version Mercurial Distributed SCM (version 1.5.3+12-39e7f14a8286)

hg init echo foo > bar.txt hg add hg ci -m "baz" hg rollback

unknown exception encountered, details follow report bug details to http://mercurial.selenic.com/bts/ or mercurial@selenic.com Mercurial Distributed SCM (version 1.5.3+12-39e7f14a8286) ** Extensions loaded: tasks Traceback (most recent call last): File "hg", line 36, in <module> File "mercurial\dispatch.pyo", line 16, in run File "mercurial\dispatch.pyo", line 30, in dispatch File "mercurial\dispatch.pyo", line 50, in _runcatch File "mercurial\dispatch.pyo", line 470, in _dispatch File "mercurial\dispatch.pyo", line 340, in runcommand File "mercurial\dispatch.pyo", line 521, in _runcommand File "mercurial\dispatch.pyo", line 475, in checkargs File "mercurial\dispatch.pyo", line 469, in <lambda> File "mercurial\util.pyo", line 408, in check File "mercurial\commands.pyo", line 2899, in rollback TypeError: rollback() takes exactly 1 argument (2 given) }}}

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