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I haven't entirely thought this through, but an undesired behavior I see in using tasks as a todo list is that it results in very branchy work from a single developer.

Eg: What to do today? ThingA, ThingB, ThingC, ThingD hg tasks ThingA hg tasks ThingB etc. hg up ThingA hack hack hack hg up ThingB hack hack hack hg task -c ThingB hg up ThingC hack hack achk hg task -c ThingC hg merge -r ThingB hg merge -r tip hg push --completed-tasks

Now, I haven't even started on ThingD, but I already have a nice new head that I've pushed out. Ideally I'd want to "hg up tip; hg tasks -d ThingD; hg tasks ThingD" so before I start working on it. It would be nice if there was a way to automate this, whether it's just "hg tasks -m ThingD" to move the the task to the current spot or "hg tasks --rebase-new" to rebase new tasks off of the currently checked out commit. Thoughts? Opinions? }}}

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