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Replace -A with -D

created an issue

-A to delete all tasks has bitten me a couple of times. Often projects don't have short forms for commands that are destructive, since they're destructive. My problem is I confuse "-a" and "-A". Clearly this is my problem, but perhaps "-D" for --delete-all would be better. This would also be more consistent, as -d is delete a task so it makes sense that the capital version deletes all tasks.



So, proposed change: -d --delete delete a given task -A --delete-all deletes all tasks becomes: -d --delete delete a given task -D --delete-all deletes all tasks }}}

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  1. Alex repo owner

    I'm not sure where I got the -A from, I thought I saw it in another hg extension, but now I'm not so sure. -D would make more sense maybe.

    bobpaul, from the sounds of things you would be ok with removing the shorthand all together? I don't think that's a bad idea.

    Any comments from anyone else?

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