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hgtasks / PushBehaviour

Our remote repo may look like this:


We will get a copy by pulling:

     $ hg pull ssh://remote.host/repo

We'll start some work,

     $ hg task task1
     $ hg task task2
     $ hg task task3
     $ hg task task4
     *hack* *hack*

We have ended up with 2 incomplete tasks, 1 complete task, and some other work that doesn't belong to any tasks:


     $ hg tasks --all
         task1         9:b3b3b3b3b3b3 (3 csets - complete)
         task2         12:d3d3d3d3d3d3 (3 csets)
         task3         15:e4e4e4e4e4e4 (3 csets)
     $ hg push
     pushing to ssh://remote.host/repo
     abort: pushing incomplete tasks
     (use --all-tasks to force or --completed-tasks to prune)
     $ hg push --completed-tasks -f

The remote server will now have the following: