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+You can have the tasks extension automatically 'stash' your working copy when you are working on a task.  This allows you to update to a task, do some work, and then update to another task or node and not lose your changes.  This means you can switch your context easily and not worry about committing your files.  To enable auto stashing of tasks, add this to your config:
+      [tasks]
+      auto.stash.tasks = True
 === commands ===
 List tasks:
 Create a new task:
       $ hg task mytask
+      $ hg task mytask -r 3       # will create new task at revision 3
+      $ hg task mytask -r 3:10    # will create new task with parent at rev 3,
+                                  # start at rev 4, and end at rev 10
 Rename a task:
       $ hg task mytask -t -r 3
       $ hg task mytask --trim --rev 3
+Append revisions to a task:
+      $ hg task mytask -n -r 3
+      $ hg task mytask --append --rev 3
 === additional push options ===
 This extension changes the behaviour of the 'push' command and adds two new options.
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