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Most Good Old Games titles are usually just DOS games packaged together with a standard windows version of Dosbox (the dosboxrc file is usually customized, tough). The installer used from GOG is a simple innosetup installer, easily extracted using the very same innosetup tools, (available at, or using innounp, a third party feature complete GPL implementation ( .

It would be nice to install DOS based GOG games on Boxer using the very same drag-and-drop approach available for CD images and folders, for example.

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  1. Alun Bestor repo owner

    This feature would indeed be an ideal fit for Boxer.

    Unfortunately, while innosetup and innounp are both opensource, they're also both written in Delphi and are very much Windows-only - which means I can't just compile a commandline tool or adapt their sourcecode, I would have to write my own extraction routines using innounp as a reference.

    This needless to say is time-consuming, and I'm reluctant to divert development time for a moving target like GOG (who may switch to a different installer package at any time, rendering the effort worthless). I would rather work with GOG to get them to support Boxer directly, or to get their games released in a more platform-agnostic manner in the first place.

    Failing that, Boxer itself is open source; I welcome any contributions, if someone knows their way around Pascal better than I do (which is not at all) and has the patience to adapt innounp's code. A standalone commandline tool would be the best way to do this, as it could then be released independently (to the delight of GOG forumgoers, no doubt) as well as bundled with Boxer.

  2. Anonymous

    I might be wrong, but it actually seems that innosetup archive are just little more than lzma (ie. , 7zip) based archives with slightly different header and block size. It actually seems that inside the innosetup source archive (issrc-5.4.2/Projects) there are C-based reference implementations for such custom lzma, zlma2 based archives and helper functions.

    No idea if this is what you actually need to completely extract an executable, though.

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