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It would probably look more sophisticated to use a fade to black animation when transitioning between fullscreen and windowed modes, as seen in other Apple applications, like iTunes.

Maybe both the zoom and fade to black animations can be employed simultaneously. While zooming, the window border shouldn't be drawn.

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  1. Alun Bestor repo owner

    We may be using different versions of iTunes, because in iTunes 9 on my Macbook at least, it does not fade when transitioning to fullscreen; it's a straight snap to/from, which looks rather jarring.

    While I don't like fades that cover the content that's being fullscreened, I think it would work very nicely if the fade occurred behind the game content, leaving the window fully visible while it zooms. (I also hope to eliminate the flash at the end when the view reaches fullscreen.)

    I disagree about leaving out the window border though; I think it feels more conceptually consistent (and looks classier to me) to scale up the entire window, rather than pop the content out independently. You can see this approach taken in Quicktime Player for example.

  2. Kroc
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    I have to personally say that the fullscreen animation was a welcome surprise and one of the better things I’ve seen on Mac for a short while. Everybody should be copying this way of doing it, it’s far more graceful and clear what is happening. iTunes fades because 1. it historically has, 2. it’s a mess of carbon code and 3. it wouldn’t know what grace was if it painted its face pink and arm-pit farted the tune to yankee doodle.

  3. Alun Bestor repo owner

    In the latest build (from 28c07b03c104 ) I've added a fade-to-black behind the DOS window while it zooms; the whole-window zooming behaviour will remain for now though. I plan to change how fullscreen works overall in 1.1, and at that point I will probably make the menu and dock slide away rather than being covered.

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