Importing CD audio tracks into game bundles

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JK Laiho
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A number of games use mixed audio/data CDs with the audio portion containing the background music as (AFAIK) standard red book audio CD tracks.

When one of these discs is inserted, OS X mounts the data and audio parts separately. The game importing process in its current form only handles the data part.

If the original CD is in the drive when playing the game (auto-mounted inside Boxer as drive E), the CD audio plays just fine. Of course, the optimum way would be to have the ability to play the audio without having the CD in the drive, meaning Boxer's import process should also import the audio tracks, preferably compressed in some suitable format (MP3, AAC, OGG or whatever is convenient and not likely to cause software patent troubles; FLAC or Apple Lossless if avoiding lossiness is a must, though I doubt it with modern transparent lossy encoders).

The intuitive way seems to be to show a prompt when the data part of the CD is dragged to the import window, asking whether to also import the audio tracks into the game bundle or not, probably defaulting to "Yes".

How Boxer, when given OS X's data mount of the CD through drag & drop, should find out if the same disc has a valid audio part, is left as an exercise to the coder :-)

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  1. Alun Bestor repo owner
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    (Regarding the very last sentence: Boxer can precisely match audio volumes to their corresponding data volumes and vice-versa already, so this isn't a problem.)

    When importing, it's probably OK to assume that the user would like to import the audio at the same time as the data. If they really want, then they could delete the imported audio tracks afterwards.

  2. Alun Bestor repo owner

    Following up on this issue: it's likely that Boxer 1.1 will rip CDs with audio tracks to BIN/CUE format, and CDs without audio tracks to ISO. This will provide the most accurate CD emulation, fixing several games with picky CD copy protection (like Mechwarrior 2 and many Delphine games.)

    Unfortunately, ripping to BIN/CUE is (much) more time-consuming than simply copying the files - taking upwards of 5 minutes for a regular CD. For this reason, Boxer will probably have to start asking if the user wants to rip - or rather, telling the user it's going to rip, and giving them the option of skipping that process.

  3. Alun Bestor repo owner

    Boxer now rips CDs with audio tracks to BIN/CUE when importing games, as described above. The process is automatic and takes between 10-20 minutes for a full-size CD, though it can be skipped if the user would rather just play the game with the CD in the drive.

    This feature will appear in Boxer 1.0.2, to be released shortly.

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