King Quest 7 is not detected as Windows-only

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Anonymous created an issue

For install this game I have to make a boot disk, when i try to launch the 'Boot Disk.exe' I have the following message :

Can't find FORMAT.COM--unable to make boot disk.

Boot disk was not created. D:>## What command should i use for install this game ?

Thanks !

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  1. Alun Bestor repo owner

    Hi there,

    You don't need to create a boot disk to install or run any game with Boxer. Boot disks were an old DOS convention to ensure that a user's system had enough memory and no weird drivers loaded that might interfere with the game. This is not an issue with an emulated DOS environment like Boxer's, and so boot disks are no longer necessary or relevant.

    However! Boot disks aside, it's very likely that you have a Windows-only copy of King's Quest VII, and there is a bug in Boxer 1.0 where it doesn't detect that the game is Windows-only. Instead, Boxer appears to import the game fine, but the only program in the new gamebox that can actually be run in DOS is bootdisk.exe.

    The real bug here is that Boxer doesn't properly detect Windows-only games that have one or more DOS executables on the CD. The DOS executables fool Boxer into thinking that the game works in DOS, even though they may be nothing to do with the game itself (like bootdisk.exe in this case.)

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for Help ! So for now the game can't be installed with boxer, i'm right ?

    Sorry for the bad title (the objective wasn't to boring you, my bad), thanks for project and good luck ! ^^

  3. Alun Bestor repo owner

    That's correct, your copy of KQ7 for Windows is not compatible with Boxer and cannot be installed or run correctly.

    However, KQ7 was also released for DOS, and you may be able to find a DOS version of it on Abandonware sites. The DOS version should run fine in Boxer.

    In 89755fc66efc I have improved the game importer code, so that it correctly detects the Windows-only version of KQ7 and shows a warning instead of importing it. This fix will appear in the next Boxer update.

  4. Anonymous

    Sorry i've make a bad describe of my prob, my version is a DOS version, it's not windows one. I have founded it on 'Lost Treasure France', they have also made a pre-installed version for pc, i've try it on windows and it run on Dos Box.

    Good night, sir ! :)

  5. Anonymous

    No anonymous, the version of LTF isn't DOS one it's Win3.11 one if you want this game (the fr) for boxer give me an email adress (like yopmail adress)

  6. Alun Bestor repo owner

    I've just checked, the CD version they have for download on LTF is the Windows 3.1-only version (it's marked as such in the downloaded filename, though not unfortunately on the download page itself.) Boxer 1.1.1 correctly detects that that that one is the wrong version and refuses to import it.

    Their pre-installed "version automatique" download may well be the DOS version: but ironically they have packaged it up in such a way that it can only be installed on Windows anyway. Likewise with the version of the game for sale on

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