Boxer / Boxer / BXDisplayLinkRenderingView.m

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 Boxer is copyright 2010-2011 Alun Bestor and contributors.
 Boxer is released under the GNU General Public License 2.0. A full copy of this license can be
 found in this XCode project at Resources/English.lproj/GNU General Public License.txt, or read
 online at [].

#import "BXDisplayLinkRenderingView.h"
#import "BXRenderer.h"

static CVReturn BXDisplayLinkCallback(CVDisplayLinkRef displayLink,
									  const CVTimeStamp* now,
									  const CVTimeStamp* outputTime,
									  CVOptionFlags flagsIn,
									  CVOptionFlags* flagsOut,
									  void* displayLinkContext)
    [(BXGLRenderingView *)displayLinkContext displayIfNeededIgnoringOpacity];
	return kCVReturnSuccess;

@implementation BXDisplayLinkRenderingView

#pragma mark -
#pragma mark Rendering methods

- (void) updateWithFrame: (BXFrameBuffer *)frame
	[[self renderer] updateWithFrame: frame];
	[self setHidden: frame == nil];
	[self setNeedsDisplay: YES];
	[self display];

- (void) prepareOpenGL
	// Synchronize buffer swaps with vertical refresh rate
    //GLint swapInt = 1;
    //[[self openGLContext] setValues: &swapInt forParameter: NSOpenGLCPSwapInterval];
    // Create a display link capable of being used with all active displays
    // Set the renderer output callback function
    CVDisplayLinkSetOutputCallback(displayLink, &BXDisplayLinkCallback, self);
    // Set the display link for the current renderer
    CGLContextObj cglContext = [[self openGLContext] CGLContextObj];
    CGLPixelFormatObj cglPixelFormat = [[self pixelFormat] CGLPixelFormatObj];
    CVDisplayLinkSetCurrentCGDisplayFromOpenGLContext(displayLink, cglContext, cglPixelFormat);
    // Activate the display link
	[super prepareOpenGL];

- (void) clearGLContext
	[super clearGLContext];