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Pointing to Bitbucket as the grails.org wiki sucks

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     def author = "Álvaro Sánchez-Mariscal"
     def authorEmail = "alvaro.sanchez@salenda.es"
     def description = '''\
-Have you ever found yourself debugging Grails static resources? Yeah, mee too. I'm sorry for that.
-Debugging module definition, Javascript minifying and so on is an unpleasant task given the options you usually have: you either turn on log debugging for resources plugin, which throws away millions of lines) or inspect the generated HTML, trying to find clues of how your resources were rendered.
-This simple plugin will not eliminate the need of debugging, but it will help you in case you need to do it. It provides a simple controller which will render all the modules, resources and dependencies loaded by the Resources plugin. Not only from your ApplicationResources.groovy, but also from other resource providers plugins you may have installed.
-Note that this plugin is intentionally excluded from production environment and for WAR generation.'''
+Simple plugin to help debugging the runtime modules loaded by the resources plugin.'''
     // URL to the plugin's documentation
-    def documentation = "http://grails.org/plugin/resources-debug"
+    def documentation = "https://bitbucket.org/alvaro_sanchez/grails-resources-debug"
     // Extra (optional) plugin metadata
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