Ryan Williams  committed dfa0cb2

Add Lock to list of patched threading primitives. Fixes mcarter's sqlalchemy bug.

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 * Ralf Schmitt, for wsgi/webob incompatibility bug report and suggested fix
 * Benoit Chesneau, bug report on green.os and patch to fix it
 * Slant, better iterator implementation in tpool
-* Ambroff, nice pygtk hub
+* Ambroff, nice pygtk hub example
+* Michael Carter, and Marcin Bachry, nice repro of a bug and good diagnosis leading to the fix

File eventlet/green/

 from import time
 __patched__ = ['_start_new_thread', '_allocate_lock', '_get_ident', '_sleep',
-               'local', 'stack_size']
+               'local', 'stack_size', 'Lock']