eventlet-py3k / NEWS

Full commit
Fix a major memory leak when using the libevent or libev hubs. Timers were not being removed from the hub after they fired. (Thanks Agusto Becciu and the grugq). Also, make it possible to call wrap_socket_with_coroutine_socket without using the threadpool to make dns operations non-blocking (Thanks the grugq).

It's now possible to use eventlet's SSL client to talk to eventlet's SSL server. (Thanks to Ryan Williams)

Fixed a major CPU leak when using select hub. When adding a descriptor to the hub, entries were made in all three dictionaries, readers, writers, and exc, even if the callback is None. Thus every fd would be passed into all three lists when calling select regardless of whether there was a callback for that event or not. When reading the next request out of a keepalive socket, the socket would come back as ready for writing, the hub would notice the callback is None and ignore it, and then loop as fast as possible consuming CPU.


Fixes some long-standing bugs where sometimes failures in accept() or connect() would cause the coroutine that was waiting to be double-resumed, most often resulting in SwitchingToDeadGreenlet exceptions as well as weird tuple-unpacking exceptions in the CoroutinePool main loop.

0.6.1: Added eventlet.tpool.killall. Blocks until all of the threadpool threads have been told to exit and join()ed. Meant to be used to clean up the threadpool on exit or if calling execv. Used by Spawning.


"The Pycon 2008 Refactor": The first release which incorporates libevent support. Also comes with significant refactoring and code cleanup, especially to the eventlet.wsgi http server. Docstring coverage is much higher and there is new extensive documentation:

The point releases of 0.5.x fixed some bugs in the wsgi server, most notably handling of Transfer-Encoding: chunked; previously, it would happily send chunked encoding to clients which asked for HTTP/1.0, which isn't legal.


Initial re-release of forked linden branch.