Graph Plotter

GP is aimed to be simple and fast tool to analyse numerical data. It does not
claim to replace all other plotters.

Current status

We are close to stable release. The main platforms are GNU/Linux and Windows.


  • 2D plot with lines or dots from plain text table and binary files.
  • Multiple axes are supported by design.
  • Real time plotting from frequently updated sources.
  • Static (from file) and dynamic (from UI) configuration.
  • Export to PNG or SVG.




Here are the dependencies that you need to have prior to compile.

To compile GP you could use Makefile from source directory.

Also you can get MinGW builds from


Look into ~/.gprc file that is always parsed first. At first GP start a stub
file will be created if not exist yet. You need to specify the correct path to
the font file and select some basics options.

font 24 "/usr/share/fonts/corefonts/cour.ttf"

Take a look into configuration example in source directory for the option
description details. After that you can use GP.

$ gp file

This file could be plain text or csv table. In this case you will open it to
plot numerical data from columns. Also it could be configuration file like
~/.gprc. Then you can specify which data to load and how to plot with all