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Configure Unique Regex Custom Field

Unique Regex Custom Field is a custom field that is based on text field and allows to match "regular expression" and/or check uniqueness of custom field from JQL. That means that a Jira user cannot set the value that cannot match "regex" and/or can be not unique.


  • Match custom field value to regular expression;

  • Check uniqueness of custom field value among results of JQL query.

Installation and upgrade:

Open JIRA's plugin manager, and in the Find new add-ons section search for Unique Regex Custom Field and click Install. Alternatively, you can start from the Atlassian Marketplace page of Unique Regex Custom Field.

Steps to configure:

1. Create new Unique Regex Custom Field.

In Administration, select Custom Fields and click Add Custom Field. Select Unique Regex Custom Field (see follow picture) and click Next.

Provide details for Unique Regex Custom Field

On details page, provide list name and description. Also, please, make sure that Unique regex custom field searcher is set. Defaults are Any issue type and Global context (see follow picture). Click Finish.

Create Logged User Validator Field

On the next screen, associate list with one or all screens. Click Update.

2. Configure Unique Regex Custom Field.

In Administration, select Configure Unique Regex Custom Fields. For JIRA 5.x it is into Plugins section and in System section for JIRA 6.x (see follow picture).

Configure Unique Regex Custom Fields

On the opened screen, you can see all Unique Regex Custom Fields like the next picture:

Configure Unique Regex Custom Fields page

In table you can see which fields have been configured and which not. To configure the required field just click to Configure.

On the opened screen, you can set up fields:

  • Regular expression - expression that should match the value of a custom field;

  • Regular expression error - error that will display if value doesn't the regular expression;

  • JQL - the results of this query will be checked to be unique;

  • JQL target field - the custom field of results of query to checking with this field value.

Put required settings and click Save(see follow picture)

Configure Unique Regex Custom Fields page

Now a Unique Regex Custom Field are fully configured.

3. Working with Unique Regex Custom Field.

This field is like using Text JIRA custom fields but has additional validation according the settings before.

Regex error

Uniqeness error

Also this field can be used for searching and drawing statistics if the searcher is set.