Execute commands after tests are completed.

It requires django-discover-runner package to work.


Install using pip:

pip install django-aftermath

In your settings file, add the following required options:

TEST_RUNNER = 'aftermath.AftermathTestRunner'

To specifiy a backend, set a dotted path to the backend class:

AFTERMATH_BACKEND = 'aftermath.backends.NotifySendBackend'

Currently, there are two backends, NullBackend which does nothing (this is the default), and NotifySendBackend which uses notify-send to generate notifications. You will have to install notify-send yourself.

On Gnome3, NotifySendBackend creates notifications like these:


To specifiy if backend is executed when all test succeed, use AFTERMATH_RUN_ON_SUCCESS setting. Default values is True.

To specifiy if backend is executed when some tests fail, use AFTERMATH_RUN_ON_FAIL setting. Default values is True.

Usually, you will only need to specify the first two options.

If you wish to implement your own backend, take a look at one of the existing backends. All you need is a simple class with __init__ and aftermath functions. If you make one, I'll be happy to include it in the package.


Implement support for Django 1.6 by using builtin test runner, and use django-discover-runner for older versions.

Improve docs/readme.