django-zurb-foundation 5.0.2

Django Zurb Foundation 5 package.

Version of this package is equal to the version of Zurb Foundation it provides.


  • Add foundation to your INSTALLED_APPS.
  • If you want to use the provided base template, extend from foundation/base.html. If you want to write one from scratch, see the example template.
  • If you want to test if foundation works, include foundation.urls in your and visit the path. You should see the Foundation test page.

Including Foundation js/css/vendor files

To include specific Foundation js files, you can use foundation_js tag.

For example, to include abide library use:

{% foundation_js 'abide' %}

Depending on your static url, it will replace the previous tag with something like <script src="/static/foundation/js/foundation/foundation.abide.js"></script>. Same works for Foundation css and vendor files, but in that case use the foundation_css or foundation_vendor tag the same way.

Note that if you call foundation_js without any parameters, it will include foundation.min.js file.

Foundation icons

The latest Foundation icons set is now included in this package. The icons are not enabled by default. To enable them use something like this in your template:

{% block css %}
    {% foundation_css 'foundation-icons' %}
{% endblock css %}

If you have added foundation.urls to your visit icons/ on that path to see them.


Version 5.0.2

  • Renamed foundation_body to base_body
  • Removed zepto and renamed foundation_jquery_zepto block to foundation_jquery
  • Included foundation icons
  • Renamed foundation_include to foundation_js
  • Added foundation_vendor and foundation_css tags
  • Used the tags from this package in the base template