Amar Šahinović avatar Amar Šahinović committed 1cced86

Add TypeScript

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 vim/bundle/jedi = [git]git://
 vim/bundle/go = [git]git://
 vim/bundle/pep8indent = [git]git://
+vim/bundle/typescript = [git]git://
 bec52aac70f22e0c0261219a56badc7f216be77c vim/bundle/go
 8c570a493d260890242cbdc5a22d8500dc4604cb vim/bundle/gundo
 2f82fce6b97407e09a9635938e21506444c4d13a vim/bundle/html5
-ff10a0a6e47847680562afb6f29f82a539f7120a vim/bundle/jedi
+4336cbb742b981aaa78adbb73eb6b138843fb820 vim/bundle/jedi
 0223dcdf0f4d3cb2b811a10c3673c0832b337415 vim/bundle/less
 3a8310a60bd165841e768d2569c98d40066c35df vim/bundle/nerdtree
 8a185fe42a4d96dd45dae7bc1b95332a391d9e8a vim/bundle/pep8
 cb52cf11b360a71e44ffb5abbb6902aaddca0f4b vim/bundle/supertab
 1a73f607f8f5477d6942df2eb6e7245c4864f4d3 vim/bundle/surround
 feebffcd2a3ac171bd7a20b512567a19d94b1ea0 vim/bundle/tagbar
+468291ec738ad22c600d948dc69a7b1d08777368 vim/bundle/typescript
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