Goto Bookmark

Simple command-line directory bookmarks manager, inspired by http://bitbucket.org/sjl/t/

Setup instructions

1.) Clone the repo

2.) Edit your .bashrc or .zshrc and add the following:

export GB_DIR=/path/to/gb
source $GB_DIR/g.sh
alias b=$GB_DIR/b.py

Replace /path/to/gb with real path to where you cloned this repo. Do not add trailing slash to the GB_DIR variable. You may need to login again to make this work.

Short usage instuctions

Use b add to save current directory to bookmarks with current directory name as the bookmark name. Use g name to jump to that directory from any other directory.

Typical usage

For example, you have a project at some deeply nested location: /home/username/projects/python/django/projectname/

You go to the directory, and type b add

Next time, instead of typing cd projects/python/django/projectname you just type g projectname :)

Detailed usage instructions

Use b -h to get a list of commands. Use b COMMAND -h to get help for specific command.

Use b add to add current directory to bookmarks. Bookmark name will be the same as the name of the current directory. If the bookmark with the same name already exists, it will not be updated automatically.

Use b add NAME to save current directory under specified name.

Use b add NAME PATH to save custom path under specified name.

Use add -u command to update existing bookmark with new path. You can specify name and path if they are different from current path and directory name.

Use b del NAME to delete bookmark with specified name.

Use b list to list saved bookmarks.

Use b nuke --from-orbit to delete all bookmarks :)

Command b get NAME is not meant to be used directly, it is called from g.sh file.

Use g NAME to jump to the directory saved under the specified name.