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Porting wxPython to Python 3.2

There are some possible bugs in the current version of wxPython

Easy patches

These patches are easy to review and apply. They use features supported since Python 2.0 at least.

  • <<file modern-apply.patch>> replaces usages of the apply() function with the direct () syntax.
  • <<file modern-has_key.patch>> replaces someDict.has_key(key) with key in someDict
  • <<file modern-neq-operator.patch>> replaces <> with !=
  • <<file modern-types-module.patch>> gets rid of the types module, and replaces type(obj) == types.TupleType with isinstance(obj, tuple)
  • <<file modern-string-module.patch>>> replaces the string module by string methods.
  • <<file modern-raise.patch>> replaces the old syntax raise ValueError, 'message' with raise ValueError('message')
  • <<file modern-os-path-walk.patch>> replaces os.path.walk() with os.walk()