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Recent activity

Vadim ProductEngine

Commits by Vadim ProductEngine were pushed to ambroff/viewer-beta

5560fc5 - STORM-786 FIXED Fixed disappearing controls in avatar picks list. Caused by an improper fix of STORM-690. Made the way we switch between profile view panels ...
Brad Kittenbrink

Commits by Brad Kittenbrink were pushed to ambroff/viewer-beta

f683c12 - Defensive coding for linux updater script for consistency with alain's work on the mac script. Should be safer if the user is installing to a ...

Commits by alain_linden were pushed to ambroff/viewer-beta

c693829 - fix working directory in install script and remove dependency on open option --args which is 10.6 only. Also fix erroneous check in process launcher which ...
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