vimclojure / server / src / main / clojure / vimclojure / gencompletions.clj

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; Copyright (c) 2008 Parth Malwankar
; Copyright (c) 2008-2011 Meikel Brandmeyer
; All rights reserved.
; A small script to generate a dictionary of Clojure's core
; functions. The script was written by Parth Malwankar. It
; is included in VimClojure with his permission.
;  -- Meikel Brandmeyer, 16 August 2008
;     Frankfurt am Main, Germany
; Move to new main functionality.
;  -- Meikel Brandmeyer, 23 November 2008
; See also:

(ns vimclojure.gencompletions)

(defmacro with-out-file [pathname & body]
  `(with-open [stream# (new ~pathname)]
     (binding [*out* stream#]

(defn main
  [& nspaces]
  (doseq [nspace nspaces]
    (require (symbol nspace))
    (let [completions (keys (ns-publics (symbol nspace)))]
      (with-out-file (str "completions-" nspace ".txt")
        (doseq [x (sort completions)]
          (println x))))))
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