Issue #11 resolved
Joshua Paul
created an issue

Release notes mention 3.5.0 and also compliant versioning. When can we expect to see that on pypi?

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  1. Thomas Kluyver

    I've gone through the open issues: two (#9, #10) appear to not really be problems, and the other three (#8, #11, #12) would be fixed by a new (non-pre) release.

    I may just reupload 3.5.0b2 under a different name, but I'd rather not! ;-)

  2. Łukasz Langa repo owner

    No need for that. I'll just re-upload without the "b". Give me a few hours, it's midnight when I'm typing this.

    Sorry for keeping you waiting for such a trivial thing. Maybe you'd like to share the ownership of the package?

  3. Łukasz Langa repo owner

    3.5.0 is uploaded to PyPI and includes all changes up to Python 3.5.1. Everybody, sorry again for being such an ass about making it happen. Those backports are tedious to work with and I've been admittedly procrastinating on this one.

    Thomas, thanks for being so persistent here, it was helpful. Find me during PyCon US if you're coming, I owe you one! Also, give me your PyPI credentials so I can add you as a co-owner of this.

  4. Thomas Kluyver

    Thanks! I'll go and update my code that uses it.

    Unfortunately I won't be at PyCon US this year - I really enjoyed it last year, but now I'm back in the UK, and Portland is a very long way away. My PyPI username is takowl; thanks again. :-)

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