Smart Functional Tests for HTTP Applications

This application suite presents yet another approach to testing HTTP applications. It enables developers to record test sessions in their browsers, edit the parametrized outcome and play it back multiple times.

There are a couple of unique features like automatic parametrization of variables during recording, support for a wide range of assertions to be checked during test playback and a visual test configurator/runner.

Note: this project is using Python 3.1, the new backwards-incompatible series of Python.


The latest version can be installed via PyPI:

$ pip install stxnext.monstrum


$ easy_install stxnext.monstrum


The technical documentation can be found on There are detailed instructions on how to install, configure and use the suite.

You can also build this documentation yourself for offline use from the source distribution:

$ hg clone
$ cd monstrum/doc
$ make html

The generated HTML documents will be available in monstrum/doc/_build/html.

Get involved

The source code repository and issue tracker are maintained on BitBucket.

Development of monstrum is sponsored by STX Next Sp. z o.o.