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Some (too) short high level information on what I already did and what still
needs to be done.

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+nattyprint - a future pprint replacement
+This library is meant to be a pprint replacement. Some highlights on the
+ - support for displaying multiple collection entries in a single line
+ - support for breaking long strings and byte sequences
+ - pluggability
+   - classes can implement __pprint__ and register themselves on the
+     nattyprint.formatters list (a pattern very much like sys.path)
+   - custom formatters can be implemented and registered in the same way
+The formatters already implemented for builtin types are designed so they
+can later be customized, inherited from, etc. to alter the formatting
+- Port checks for recursive collections from reprlib or pprint.
+- Add safe string breaking.
+- Add support for: dict, namedtuple and sets.
+- Support for specifying custom formatters in select_formatter() and pprint().
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