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-q and --selftest documented

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 Basic syntax::
-  rename [-i] [-l] [-t] [-u] [-v "except_regex"] "regex" "target"
+  rename [-i] [-l] [-q] [-t] [-u] [-v "except_regex"] "regex" "target"
+  rename [--selftest]
 the source regex used (i.e. unless ``-i`` is used, it still matches in
 a case-sensitive manner). See also: ``-U``.
+-q, or --quiet
+When used, no error output is given. The status of invocation should be
+determined via the return code.
 -t, or --test
 When used, the script will only fake renaming and verbosely state what it would
 filenames, use the canonical global form (e.g. ``"^filename$"``).
 See also: ``-i``.
+Runs internal unit tests of all functionality. Does actual renaming in the
+temporary directory. Each test generates its own set of files.