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LodgeIt Readme

Lodgeit implements a pastebin and some scripts to paste the service.


LodgeIt requires at least Python 2.5 to work correctly. Next to this LodgeIt has quite a few of dependencies as well as a nice bootstrap process. This is documentated on the following slides.

Dependencies and virtual environment

To get LodgeIt work properly we need those dependencies: Python (at least 2.5), python-setuptools and mercurial.

For Ubuntu (or any Debian based distribution) use aptitude to install:

aptitude install python-dev python-setuptools python-virtualenv mercurial

Now we can install LodgeIt. But first we need to check out LodgeIt from the mercurial repository. To do that you create a new folder lodgeit-dev in your projects directory and change into it. There we initialize the virtual environment and check out LodgeIt (main branch):

hg clone http://dev.pocoo.org/hg/lodgeit-main lodgeit

Right before we can initialize the virtual environment we need to install some development packages to compile the python imaging library.

For Ubuntu again aptitude (as root):

sudo aptitude install build-essential
apt-get build-dep python-imaging

Now it's possible to install the virtual environment. This is done with a simple Python command:

# assumed that you are located in lodgeit-dev/lodgeit
python scripts/make-bootstrap.py > ../bootstrap.py
cd ..
# make sure that the virtualenv is not activated. If yes, execute `deactivate`
python bootstrap.py .

You are ready to run now.

Database and other things

We are now ready to enter the virtual environment (assumed you are located in lodgeit-dev/lodgeit):

. ../bin/activate

LodgeIt initializes it's database per default on /tmp/lodgeit.db, you can change that path in the manage.py by modifiing dburi.

Now start the development server:

python manage runserver