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A demo of GMP.

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+import sys
+import cffi
+ffi = cffi.FFI()
+    typedef struct { ...; } MP_INT;
+    typedef MP_INT mpz_t[1];
+    int mpz_init_set_str (MP_INT *dest_integer, char *src_cstring, int base);
+    void mpz_add (MP_INT *sum, MP_INT *addend1, MP_INT *addend2);
+    char * mpz_get_str (char *string, int base, MP_INT *integer);
+lib = ffi.verify("#include <gmp.h>",
+                 libraries=['gmp', 'm'])
+# ____________________________________________________________
+a ="mpz_t")
+b ="mpz_t")
+lib.mpz_init_set_str(a, sys.argv[1], 10)	# Assume decimal integers
+lib.mpz_init_set_str(b, sys.argv[2], 10)	# Assume decimal integers
+lib.mpz_add(a, a, b)			# a=a+b
+s = lib.mpz_get_str(ffi.NULL, 10, a)
+print str(s)
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