Amdatu Herding

Amdatu Herding provides locking and leader election services to help you herd a cluster of nodes.

Continuous build and release

This projects uses Bitbucket pipelines for continuous builds and automation of snapshot and release deployment to AWS S3.


The snapshot task creates a local snapshot repository against the configured baseline repository, that should point to the latest formal release repository.

The s3SnapshotDeploy task depends on the snapshot and asciidoctor tasks and subsequently deploys the generated snapshot repository to and docs to

Pipelines is configured to automatically publish a snapshot for every build of the master branch.


The standard bnd release task creates a local release repository (see cnf/build.bnd).

The s3ReleaseDeploy task depends on the release and asciidoctor tasks and subsequently deploys the generated release repository to<version>/repo/index.xml.gz and docs to<version>/docs/index.html.

Pipelines is configured to publish a release for every build of a tag name r*.


BND repositories are configured in cnf/build.bnd.

Bitbucket Pipelines is configured in bitbucket-pipelines.yml.

Gradle task configuration is in

AWS credentials must be provided by Setting the environment variables AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY.