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JavaC 1.7 + Operator Overloading

This is patched version of JavaC 1.7 for Operator Overloading support. See examples at sample/*.java

See also java-oo, lombok-oo.

How to build:

ant -f make/build.xml

How to test:

java -jar build/bootstrap/lib/javac.jar -d build sample/*.java
java -cp build CmpTest # MathTest, etc

patching Netbeans IDE

You can merge this patches to nb-javac (the javac fork for Netbeans IDE) and you will get Java operator overloading in Netbeans IDE natively:

hg clone
hg clone netbeans
hg clone netbeans/nb-javac
hg diff -R javac-oo -r default:oo javac-oo/src/share/classes/ | patch -d netbeans/nb-javac/ -p1
cd netbeans/

And build netbeans as usual:

ant -Dnbjdk.home=<your jdk6 home>

If you want just update nb-javac:

ant -f libs.javacimpl/build.xml

This will update your nbbuild/netbeans/java/modules/ext/javac-impl-nb-7.0-b07.jar

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