River Runner Web Service

This web service retrieves data from the National Weather Service for the St. Francis River at Roselle, MO.


Copy files to a webdirectory of your choosing.


To query the service, simply load the index.php file. The service accepts one optional parameter (format), which is used to set the output format. Two values are accepted: "xml" and "json". XML is the default output format.

To see an working of example of this web service, load one of the following URLs in your favorite browser:

The following attributes are returned:

  • id: NWS guage id
  • name: Name of the river and guage
  • date_time: Date and time for the current guage reading
  • guage_level: Latest guage reading for the river level
  • converted_level: guage_level converted to the paddler's gauge on the hwy D bridge
  • converted_units: Inches above 0 or feet above D bridge if level is above 45 inches
  • conditions: Description of the current river level, ex. high, low
  • status: Status of the river based on the guage readings for the past hour, ex. rising, falling


This service wouldn't have been possible without the free data provided by the National Weather Service.

Also, thanks to all the developers who posted code examples online. I borrowed from so many of you.