Texty is a 'bot' which responds to words with enigmatic and amusing phrases.

Texty integrates with Slack and is inspired by the popular Giphy command.

Texty's phrases are all generated by a Deep Recurrent Neural Network. It does not have prior knowledge of language and we do not pick from templates.

The speech was learned from samples of speech from film transcripts (see http://arxiv.org/pdf/1510.03055v2.pdf for details of dataset and model).

The language model is clearly a little off. Multiple factors for this e.g. the lack of training time, mainly because we force it to generate novel/interesting sentences. Without this Texty would just reply generic, safe, albeit more syntactically correct language e.g. "I don't understand", or "I'm not sure".

The Slack integration allows us to scrape sentiment from reactions which can be used to improve Texty over time.

Give him time, he is young :)